Board of Directors

The operations of the Savoy Society are governed by our volunteer Board of Directors. The 2017-2018 Board is:

President Ron Geyer
Vice-President Alison Smith
Treasurer Marcela Pauckova
Secretary Madeleine Green
Directors at Large Mathieu Mazur-Goulet
Suzanne Amey


General inquiries to the Board of Directors can be directed to our email at or through our contact page.

Messages From The Board Of Directors

Periodic messages will be placed here for your reading. Simply click on one of the links below and a new tab will open with the requested document.

Presidents Annual Report July 24, 2017

BOD Meeting 2017-06-26

BOD Meeting 2017-05-29

BOD Meeting 2017-04-30

BOD Meeting 2017-04-09

BOD Meeting 2017-03-26

BOD Meeting 2017-03-12

BOD Meeting 2017-01-29

BOD Meeting 2016-12-05

BOD Meeting 2016-09-26

BOD Meeting 2016-08-29

BOD Meeting 2016-07-29

AGM Meeting 2016-06-27

President’s Message – December, 2013

Board News – July 30th, 2013