Fun times at the Karaoke fundraiser!

Dear supporters!

I’m pleased to announce that our musical theatre Karaoke event at Live on Elgin was a success!  We were able to raise almost $600 for the spring concert and there were over 50 people in attendance.  Thanks to our volunteers and donors and to everyone who showed up and had a good time!  Prizes were awarded in several categories: Best Disney Song, Best Gilbert and Sullivan, Best Duet or Group, Best Spirit and Best Look.  There were also door prizes and a silent auction.  One of the big successes of the night was the song auction.  There were five popular songs that were auctioned off – meaning that if anyone wanted to sing Let it Go, Summer Nights, A Whole New World, I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General, or Dancing Queen, they had to win the right to sing them by bidding on them in the auction. The winner of Let it Go was paid to not sing (on the basis that it has been heard too many times already), and that money was donated back to the Society.

This week we also had auditions for our Gondoliers concert.  If you missed the auditions, we will be having another round in January.  If you’d like to sign up to audition, send an email to

The Gondoliers concert is going to be special in a lot of ways.  First is that we are pleased to have Allison Woyiwada as the music director for this concert.  Allison was the music director of the Savoy Society for many years and we are happy to have her back.

The second announcement is that we are going to have a special guest telling the story between the songs.  More information on that will be coming…

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