Latrines for Ghana Benefit Concert

A benefit concert to raise funds for badly needed latrines for a village in Ghana will be held Thursday November 12 at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Kanata.

The concert will feature choirs, drummer, singers and instrumentalists and includes Savoyards Betty Ann Bryanton, Al Neill and Barry Read.

The concert is the result of efforts by musician Liliane McKennirey, who has in the past assisted people in a village in Ghana. She became aware this summer that the village desperately needs latrines. Current facilities are so unsanitary that infections are widespread.  Being a musician, Liliane decided to organize a concert to raise money to help the village.  Details about the concert  below.

Latrines for Ghana Concert
Date:    November 12, 2015
Time:    7:30 pm
Venue:    Trinity Presbyterian Church, 1817 Richardson Side Road (off Terry Fox Drive near Centrum), Kanata
Ticket Price:    $20.00

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