3 April 2014 – 6 April 2014

The Baronets of Ruddygore have been cursed by a witch. Each Baronet must commit a crime a day – or die in torture. To escape his dreadful fate, Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd disguises himself as Robin Oakapple, a farmer. Robin Oakapple is in love and wants to marry – but his future plans appear doomed when his true identity is revealed.

Venue: Algonquin Commons Theater



  • Music Director: Gloria Jean Nagy
  • Stage Director: Richard Langlois
  • Producer: Kyle Ahluwalia
  • Choreographer: Philippa Twigg & Laurie MacEachern
  • Set Design: Emily Soussana


  • Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd: Bruce Patterson
  • Richard Dauntless: Evan Huus
  • Rose Maybud: Mirren Lithwick
  • Sir Despard Murgatroyd: Rich Hilborn
  • Sir Roderic Murgatroyd: Christopher Mallory
  • Old Adam Goodheart: Dave Woycheshin
  • Dame Hannah: Wendi Smith
  • Mad Margaret: Carol Anderson
  • Zorah: Suzanne Amey
  • Ruth: Elaine Vanier
  • Sir Desmond Murgatroyd: Mike Jackson
  • Sir Conrad Murgatroyd: Doug Sinclair
  • Sir Lionel Murgatroyd: Glenn McCue
  • Sir Rupert Murgatroyd: Paul Deveau

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