The Pirates of Penzance

1992_Poster_PiratesOfPenzance3 April 1992 – 11 April 1992


Venue: Centrepointe Theatre


  • Music Director: James Wegg
  • Stage Director: Laura Charles
  • Choreographer: Robert McColman
  • Set Design: Laura Charles
  • Producer: Valerie Douglas
  • Frederic: Duane Keogh
  • Mabel: Allison Woyiwada
  • Pirate King: Brian Lloyd
  • Ruth: Cher Daley
  • Major-General Stanley: Michael Rosberg
  • Samuel: Malcolm Wall
  • Sergeant of Police: Russell Bailey
  • Edith: Carol Ann Anderson
  • Kate: Betsy Wimbs
  • Isabel: Janet Buske-Wichser


  • David Anderson, Richard Benneworth, Alex Campbell, Bill Coderre, Frank Duern, Doug MacDonald, Wes Mattie, Duncan Miller, John Murray, Al Neill, Barry Read.


  • Peter Akman, Richard Benneworth, Doug MacDonald, Duncan Miller, Nicholas Miller, John Murray.

General Stanley’s Daughters:

  • Michelle Fash, Deirdre Garcia, Laurie Graham, Christy Harris, Donna Jacobs, Martha Milne, Sharon Neill, Cheryl Trudeau.