The Pirates of Penzance

1985_Poster_PiratesOfPenzance21 March 1985 – 30 March 1985


Venue: Ecole Sécondaire de la Salle


  • Music Director: Robert Van Dine
  • Stage Director: Dave Packer
  • Choreographer: Elaine Pollock
  • Choreographer: Cheryl Pollock
  • Set Design: Philip Lawless
  • Producer: Gerry Reynolds
  • Frederic: Peter Armstrong
  • Mabel: Meredith Charlebois
  • Pirate King: Keith Bailey
  • Ruth: Barbara Armstrong
  • Major-General Stanley: Harold Johnson
  • Samuel: Duncan Miller
  • Sergeant of Police: Hugo Leech
  • Edith: Diane Furey
  • Kate: Tricia Davies
  • Isabel: Roberta Rothwell

Chorus of Pirates, Police & General Stanley’s Daughters:

  • Sopranos: Lynn Balzter, Marlene Bogert, Deirdre Garcia, Carol Green, Marilyn Lauer, Patricia MacGowan, Eleanor Thomson.
  • Altos: Kathy Armstrong, Pat Current, Elisabeth Dempsey, Shirley McColgan, Debbie Savage, Lucy Stuart, Cheryl Trudeau, Karen Vetter.
  • Tenors: Tony Bogert, Frank Davies, Roy Lidstone, Ted Metelnick, Larry Savage, Dave Shilton, Wayne Tymm, Malcolm Wall.
  • Basses: Russell Bailey, Andre Beaudette, Peter Bennett, Fred Bradley, Tom Gochnauer, David Hayes, Tom Hughes, Andre McArdle, Victor Suthren.