Trial By Jury

1998_Poster_HMSPinafore17 April 1998 – 25 April 1998


Venue: Centrepointe Theatre


  • Music Director: Robert Palmai
  • Assistant Music Director: Theresa O’Meara (Clarke)
  • Stage Director: Gary Smith
  • Stage Director: Sharon Magee-Smith
  • Choreographer: Valerie Keenleyside
  • Set Design: Christy Bindhardt
  • Producer: Sue Wheeler
  • The Learned Judge: David L. McCallum
  • The Defendant: Paul Melsness
  • The Plaintiff: Vivian Burns
  • Counsel for the Plaintiff: Pamela Brown
  • Foreman of the Jury: Brian Tannenbaum
  • Usher: Ron Clarke
  • Associate of the Judge: Jon Alkan
  • Edwin’s Leading Lady: Rebecca Montanaro
  • Edwin’s Personal Make-up Man: Chuck Kerr
  • Janitor: Jon Alkan
  • Flower Seller: Linda Webster
  • Nanny: Maureen Moffatt
  • Little Brat: Lisa Robertson
  • Tweedy Lady: Deirdre Garcia
  • Suffragette: Valerie Douglas
  • Mime: Sue Hall
  • Pearly King and Queen: Walt Conrad and Sharon Neill
  • Colonel and his Wife: Russell Bailey and Wendy Hadden


  • Janet Buske-Wichser, Sandra Dupont, Sue McGahey, Pat MacDonald, Dawn Miller, Zoe Sweet

Gentlemen of the Jury:

  • Greg Cottingham, Charles Gaudaur, Ryan Hanneman, Doug MacDonald, Ted Metelnick, Mark Munday, Al Neill, Tony Scott, Klaas van Weringh.