Who will be the bride in Iolanthe: Phyllis, Iolanthe or Sneezy Waters?

Posted on May 8, 2016 in Iolanthe, News

The Savoy Society of Ottawa presents Gilbert & Sullivan’s IOLANTHE, with special guest, Sneezy Waters

Sneezy with guitarLegendary Ottawa-based folksinger Sneezy Waters, best known for his portrayal of Hank Williams Sr. in the play and film Hank Williams: the Show He Never Gave, makes a cameo appearance in the Savoy Society of Ottawa’s presentation of Gilbert & Sullivan’s Iolanthe.

[spoiler alert]

In Iolanthe, also known as The Peer and the Peri, Sneezy brings music and sublteties of the legal mind to the Gilbert & Sullivan story.

This G&S musical is a humourous perspective of life on the Hill with fairies. It could be described as Monty Python (MP) meets TinkerBell, and Justin Trudeau as Peter Pan, at Parliament. And Iolanthe could be Maggie Trudeau . . .

Show dates: May 27 -29, 2016.

Ticket info here.

Sneezy’s latest CD entitled “Sneezy Waters” is now available online and at Compact Music.